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Welcome to K33 Nepal

K33 HAIRHOTEL is brand name, related to prettiness with every individual. It’s a universal truth hair inset allure superior look toward any persons. We facilitate to present you in the same magnificence appearance proceeding to your hair falls off. As every body knows that we design Hairs that exactly match the look. Each journey of your life K33 HAIRHOTEL exclusive hair replacement units will meet your need through contemporary it is subsequently commitment. In business we provide hi-quality, tune-up with disinfected environment


In Nepal you ma surprised to here such technology existing with our own effort. In previous year if any person turns into bald, they prefer for such product which can support them to get return their hair beauty. Now in hair business we set u not in tradition but on standard. Until today, majority of Nepalese have misconception that having hair replacement will damage or if any neighboring person come to know they will take in negative sense. When technology is provided by a Nepalese group with the Standard o world class in protective and curatives way, you should get connected with such expertise. Every year most number of people are turning bald and we have set up to turn into attractive faces. No matter we can find such products in market or offer by some body but take a change with 0% risk with standard o K33. Hair hotel accommodates service wit minimum standard of five star hotels. Any one can oversee wit every visit and meet requirement of day to day life fashion, exclusively we provide all services with precise manner.


When I discovered the k33 hair hotel via local media and net at that time I myself visit for quarries. I am surprised, for their service they provide for me brochure and other required documents which make me complete understanding with product. There is no any single question remains unanswered. And then I admit as a member at K33 hair hotel and receive hair unit, The new hair were blended in the same texture of y remaining hair, color, style, hair length exactly as I ever had before.


I got my hair unit exactly on time i.e. after 4 weeks it took about 2 hrs to fix the hair unit in my bald scalp. When I look the mirror for the first time after placing hair unit, I was spellbound. I looked by every angle, but there was no single from where it seems it was my replaced hair unit. After that I directly end to meet my friends, everybody look at me very curiously. Thought they knew it but after few minutes they everybody look at me very curiously, I thought they knew it but after few minutes they said “You are looking quite handsome and younger today” It made plus confidence and now I fee I an the happiest person in the world. Now it became part of my life.


I visit K33 hair hotel every six weeks. I was treated luxurious, well furnished private cabin, where all facilities are allocated. Service of this company delivering to its all client in such condition that hair unit is new every time.


To serve you we have managed superiority expert manpower existing. In K33 hair hotel staffs are pleasant, willing to serve according to your desire. We have better reasons to offer services as of class witch fits in each step. We uphold similar workforce of global set, adding well practice of years and experience. Here dream comes true creating hair style as you trace it.


K33 hair hotel tremendously looks after the purity of cleanliness and shape up your face at in natural way to our valued customers, ad A. C facilitated rooms with up to date tools. We always find such secured ways that makes you fell that it is returned to you that you have paid for it, at the same time you will find again your look have changed in to such appearance that every body ask how such magical change appear without any added mental or physical stress. Yes, we value you as it is our duty to set up you in usual way which we thing it is paid back to you.

How we serve

We have a fashioned system that is helpful to your eventful life time. You can make a single phone call to book your convenient time for service. Welcome tea or coffee, accessibility of TV for news, magazines, full parking facilities, and silent cheerful environment which comfort you few hours with us. We are situated at Balkumari Kateshwor Mearluy2-3Kms from center of the city.
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